If you live in a first world western country you probably know someone who lives abroad in a cheaper country, or at least that has already lived abroad. The experience of living abroad can be an incredibly nice life experience since you will be able to be with a different culture, cuisine, and way of living. It opens our mind to how much some cultures don't seem to focus so much at work, and have a pretty laid back attitude towards life.

    This is a trend that has been going up for the last years and after the COVID-19 vaccines might return to be a trend. I'll list 3 "types of countries" that might be interesting to people with that thought.

    1-Cheaper countries.

    Either Thailand, Indonesia, or Malaysia, if you love Asia, or Mexico, Ecuador and Panama if you prefer to stay close to home. Either way, people loved going to these places especially if they have their money coming with western-based salaries since this can be a game-changer. In some countries, the average salary in America can allow people to have extremely extravagant lives. 

    2-Expensive countries

     There are, however, some countries more expensive than the US, besides the Scandinavian countries there are some others like Switzerland and Singapore. The Scandinavian countries tend to have much higher taxes to sustain their incredibly generous welfare state and Singapore is very expensive because of its place as a hub for international trade and international finance. Nonetheless, those countries deserve to be lived, the Scandinavian countries are somewhat special in my opinion because of their tremendous quality of life.

    3-Western countries

    There is also the western countries that have much more in common with American culture at this there are two categories, the ones pretty similar to America as the UK, Canada, Germany, and others that have a cost of living a little bit cheaper as Spain and Portugal. But nonetheless all of those are great countries that with an American wage are very interesting live at.

    Everyone should try and experiment with living abroad, it's a fairly cool and culturally enriching experience. I hope I've hoped people who have had some thoughts about it and I expect you to achieve your goals.


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