As everyone probably knows, the United Kingdom has just started vaccinating its people. Besides the incredible benefits vaccines does for our society overall, I'd like to talk about how much this vaccine will affect our life financially. 

This vaccine developed by Pfizer will be the first one used by the public, unfortunately, the US is still a little behind at getting a hold of this vaccine. This is obviously very good for the company itself, which has seen its stock price growth in the last few days.

For us, the average folk, it means we will all be completely free to leave our homes after we take a shot. For the economy, it will probably result in much more going out to dinner, shopping at local shops, and big crowd events.

Also, the tourism industry will most likely grow again, maybe not to its prior levels, but it will surely grow. A lot of people who used to travel a lot have not been able to, but when most countries get vaccinated the travel restrictions will be lift off and tourism will be alive again.

Nonetheless, giant stores like Target will most likely have a little loss, since people will prefer using their money elsewhere, after months of only shopping at wholesales.

People who learned how to save during this pandemic should not unlearn it. This time has shown so many people that they are able to save, so everyone who has done it during the pandemic should feel proud and feel encouraged to keep doing it. In the US, your retirement depends mostly on you, it's important you don't forget that, so keep saving and keep achieving your goals.


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