BREXIT: Is it done yet?

 Brexit has been over Britain's mind for a while, it's been a long time since they voted to leave the European Union. Although much has changed since there, they are still a member of the Union, making it look like a Mexican soap opera, that never ends.

This December 9th Boris Johnson, the British prime minister, has met with Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the EU commission in Brussels. Apparently, Boris Johnson has hoped for a last-minute deal, like the one last year where they agreed for a transition until 31 December of 2020, meaning the UK would be out of the single market on January 1st.

The trade deal, that both parts hope to achieve have a very different initial position, the UK wants complete sovereignty, being able to completely ignore laws made in Brussels. The EU's position is that they want to have the authority to retaliate in the case of the United Kingdom harming the single market core values.

If no trade deal is done before 31 December there will most likely be a hard Brexit, where the EU and UK trade will be regulated by the WTO laws. There will be tariffs and quotas for UK products, just like any other economy without an agreement with the EU.

There is also the problem with a customs union, that France and other countries are already setting up because that's the most likely scenario. There will be more bureaucracy and barriers to some industries, that will have to deal with different legislation. 

Northern Ireland is also a hot topic, that will be creating a customs union within the UK, since there will be no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, there will be necessary for checks crossing the Irish Sea. This is a fairly odd proposition, yet very interesting because of the two Ireland sad past. Also, it raises the question about some new referendum about Scottish independence.

Nonetheless, Brexit has proven to be exhausting for both sides, and apparently, the UK seems to be the one with the most to lose. Besides leaving their biggest trading partner, the UK business will still have to follow EU laws for their goods to be traded there, but now they won't even have a voice on this new law.


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