6 GREAT Tips To Save Money At Christmas Time

    We started the month of December and already noticed the stores decorated with Christmas ornaments. It is when we realize that we are at the end of the year, a period where we usually see the family, be close to those we want and review the plans we have made for 2020. However, together with this good atmosphere of fraternity, unity and reflection, the end and beginning of the year comes with several expenses that we are often not prepared for. There are also the expenses with decoration, gifts and travel. So, today I will give you six great and simple tips to save money in this period of the year:

 1- Make a list of the people you will be giving away for Christmas

    Many people are happy to give gifts to everyone they know, even if it is just a candy. However, in times of crisis, it is important to plan your Christmas shopping before you go actually shopping. And the first step for this is to make a list with the people you want to give, starting with the most important ones or those you want to give a better gift.

2- Check in your budget how much you can spend on this 
    After making the list it is important to check how much money you have for Christmas shopping. Therefore, separate an amount, which will not be missed in the payment of other bills

    Avoid having to use the credit available on the card or the possibility of splitting these purchases, as this practice may result in future debts. Not to mention that you are committing to pay this debt ahead, and that this same account can compromise your monthly savings share or even your finances, the moment you have to pay them.

3- Divide the amount you can spend on a gift by the number of people you have listed
     Now that you know who you want to give gifts and how much money you have for it, plan how much you will need to spend on each person's gift. This division can occur equally for all people on the list, where they will all receive a gift of the same value, or proportionally according to the importance of each one for you. This practice helps you not get out of control when buying gifts, and to remember to give gifts to someone who is important to you. If the gift value of some people has become low, suggest a secret friend in your group of friends or family, that way everyone will get a good gift and spend a certain amount, according to the group's conditions.

4- Look for savings in decoration
    If you like to decorate your home or office for the holidays, do it consciously. Try to reuse decorations or even ornaments that can be handcrafted with cheap or recycled materials. And if you still need to buy something, be sure to check your budget to know exactly how much you can spend for this purpose.

5- Buy the gifts as soon as possible
    It is normal for the prices of some things to increase the closer Christmas approaches, so the ideal is to make purchases before this period, and take advantage of promotions such as Black Friday and also cash discounts to boost your savings. Another important tip is search in several stores, to see which one sells the same product cheaper. For this you can do research on websites or use some online tools that facilitates this task. But remember that not all stores are registered on these price comparison sites. Don't be lazy: research! If you are going to do Christmas shopping over the internet, don't forget to make all purchases from a store in one go to save on shipping - and that it is also part of the cost of the gift.


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