Money is Time: The Truth That Just a Few Know.

    We all understand the meaning of the term "time is money". Whenever we waste money, we lose the opportunity to use it to do something that has value to us. However, even if little is said about it,the opposite is also true: Money is time. This perception can show the great contribution of money to achieve happiness.

.Why do we work to make money?

    What would be the main objective of our work? The answer is very simple: Make money to support ourselves. Each of us needs some certain amount of things to live. We are forced to produce, in a directly or indirectly way, what we need to survive.

    The easier this process is, in addition to requiring less effort and energy, the better. That way you will have more free time to devote to more enjoyable activities. 

    The more you have produced so far ( in other words, the more wealth you have accumulated ), the less you will have to produce in the future. Besides, the more productive you are, the more rewarding this job will be.

    .Without Money - The person must concentrate on those mandatory tasks day after day, regardless if they are pleasurable or not.

    .With Money - The person can choose what he likes to do and dedicate himself more to do what he really prioritizes.

    Money allows you to customize your routine ( you can have breakfast at your favorite bakery instead of preparing at home, buy a car instead of using the bus...). In short, money increases your autonomy. The greater your independence from your daily activities, the greater your control over your routine. For that reason, autonomy is the basis for your happiness.


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