5 Incredibly bad habits that keep people poor.

 Everyone has its own habits, but some can hurt you financially. In this post, we're going to talk about how some bad habits can keep people poor and with a higher probability of having a future money problem. If you'd like to know which are those bad habits read this post and discover if you have any of them. So, what bad money habits?

First let's be clear, being poor or being rich does NOT mean material possessions, it's much more than that. Have the latest car, and the latest iPhone while in debt does not make you rich, and at the same time not having those things doesn't mean that you are poor.

1- The money never stays with you for a while. Some people spend everything that they make on a day to day basis, and this is terrible for this person's future. It doesn't matter if this person has a minimum wage job or makes 7 figures a year, if a person has that money habits they are following a path that will lead to financial ruin. The worst is someone who makes a lot of money and yet makes debt, they are exchanging their future for something in the present.

2- Never learn anything new after college. We all know college can be very important, but college itself isn't the end goal, if you stop there in this super changing world you can become outdated in the future and this is a big problem if you are an employee. I don't necessarily mean you need to get a formal education, it can be an informal education as you are doing right now reading this blog, the important thing is to keep acquiring knowledge. This can be done very easily if you find a book that you really enjoy reading.

3- People believe that the rich have money because it was all because they had everything in their favor. Yes, this is true in many cases, some families some people are born will give them a much easier pathway towards wealth, but let's not forget about how a lot of people came from distinguished backgrounds and still reach the top. We can think of many famous people like Nicolas Cage and a bunch of lottery winners that end up without money that we can be sure that simply having money and have no idea of what to do with is it the fastest path towards this money getting far away from you.

4-People who believe being rich only means having luxury items. We all know people who have a lavish lifestyle and even though some people might think this means being rich, well this doesn't really mean they are truly rich, in a lot of cases those people are still in debt for all of those things. Trying to replicate this lifestyle has a big probability of ending up in failure in the long term.

5-People who spends a LOT of time on the lottery or gambling. This is a very problem since people believe the money will come playing this game of luck. Even though you have a chance of winning, the longer you stay at a casino the probability is that the house is the one who is going to keep all your money. Stay away from the casino and stop buying a bunch of lottery tickets, the chances that you are going to win are so small it's almost void. Start taking responsibility for your own money.

If you don't do any of those things, you are on the right path, but if you do any or all of those then you are going on a very dangerous path that can lead towards your financial ruin. It's very important people learn how to self-control and save money for their future.


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