5 habits of successful and wealthy people.

As said in a previous post, where we talked about how bad habits can make you financially poor, everyone has its own habits. Some people have an extreme frugal personality and don't care at all about material objects, some others love spending everything they have and sometimes even getting a loan to buy something. And although everyone has the freedom to expend their money the way they want, those extreme spenders should get in mind that this lifestyle can not maintain itself forever and unless they make some changes they are going to be some of those sad cases of older people struggling in retirement. So, without further ado:
What are the habits of the rich?

1- Most rich people don't show off. Even though we are all used to seeing some extremely rich people having an extremely lavish lifestyle in social media people should understand first that this is their brand, they sell luxury to us normal people and we must also understand that they are a small portion of the rich people. A bunch of rich people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have a gigantic amount of wealth and don't show it off on Instagram all day long. Warren Buffet lives in a normal home and Bill Gates lives in a mansion, but one thing we all know about them is that they are not always in the media because of the latest gossips things like that. 

2-You should always keep learning. Even though you're out of college you shouldn't feel like you get a free pass on education. We all must keep learning so our brains keep active and productive. I don't necessarily mean formal education like getting a master's degree or things like that, but challenge yourself so you can improve at something. If you have a business, try to learn all the new technological advances that could help your business grow even more, or if you are an employee try learning the latest thing that will help you grow professionally.

3- Don't let people with negative thoughts on your life. Everyone has met someone who always thinks that everything will be terrible, there is no point in trying and things like that. You should try to get away from people like that, their mind is like an anchor and if you stay too close they will drag you down too. Even though we must be realistic and not believe that everything will work itself out, we must also not be a super pessimist at everything, otherwise what is the point of trying anything?

4- Never give up. One thing rich people don't do is to give up, even though most rich people have failed a lot during their life, the difference is that they never gave up. The person who stops trying at the first attempt will hardly make it, but someone who tries until they get it will have an incredible chance of being very successful in life. Of course, people must be smart, everyone must balance when they should continue trying something, it's not wise to just keep trying something that results in nothing.

5- You need to have goals. We talked about the importance of having solid goals in another post and I need to say it again because it's something very important that MANY people don't seem to care about. Having goals in your life and have the feeling that you are getting close towards successfully achieving that goal is one of the greatest motivations there is. If you can try having a 1-year goal, a 5-year goal, and a long term goal, this way you will not have a goal so far away to feel frustrated, but also your longe term goal will always motivate you to achieve something really big.

Those habits are of great help to people, it's something very interesting and we can see that the habits of the rich folk aren't that hard, after all. If you believe in yourself you are way ahead of a lot of people.


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